The first ever exclusive showroom of Assamese Traditional Jewellery was inaugurated by Padmashree late Pushpa Bhuyan way-back in April 2002 at Silpukhuri, Guwahati. It is a pioneering venture established by Adib Ahmed, (from upper-Assam & ex-Manager of The Times of India Group), with active support of his wife Anju Ahmed. The Showroom which is under the aegis of a private ltd. company, met with tremendous response from the local people. Even outsiders were enthralled to see such exquisite ethnic jewellery. The idea of starting an exclusive outlet of traditional Assamese jewellery was born one day when Mr. Ahmed witnessed a hawker fleecing a relative. He realised that at that time, though there was demand for such ornaments, there was not a single reliable exclusive outlet catering to the needs of the people who were often cheated by traveling hawkers who charged high prices for inferior quality items. People were slowly loosing interest in this beautiful ethnic jewellery due to lack of credibility. The livelihood of many talented Assamese craftsmen were getting affected and this traditional art seemed to be gradually dying.

With an earnest desire to contribute a little towards the development of this ancient craft and with adequate experience in the Jewellery trade, Mr. Ahmed decided to establish Angana Assamese Tradition Jewellery which changed everything! A dying art received a new lease of life! Assamese and also many interested non-Assamese women could now choose from an enchanting range of ready-made excellent quality Assamese traditional jewellery or place orders for specific designs, as desired. Many young Assamese women who had never even heard names such as dugdugi, golpata, jethipatia, lokaparo etc. could now even adorn themselves with them! Unhappy, poverty-stricken Assamese craftsmen felt secure again. An integral part of Assamese culture was revived !

Angana Assamese Tradition Jewellery is now 15 years old and enriched with priceless experience in the field. Over the years, our quality products and service have made us a household name among the people. Through this e-commerce website, we now want to offer our quality products conveniently to people living anywhere in the world. Now you have opportunity to place orders and receive this gorgeous jewellery directly at your homes.

We look forward to your valuable support to turn our new endeavour into a successful venture.